About Laowaiblog

About Laowaiblog

What/Who is a Laowai? Laowai (老外) is a Chinese term that is used by Chinese people to describe foreigners; This website is called “Laowaiblog”: blogs, opinion and views about social phenomena in modern China. It is the biggest hub of China related opinion in the world.

Laowaiblog inspires to build a community and an opinion base through which people can learn and understand the Chinese culture – with all of its complexities and differences.

Laowaiblog is lead by:

Lior Paritzky – Lior has been living in Beijing for the past four years. He possesses diverse experience in consulting and advising foreign companies that wish to operate in mainland China. Lior speaks four languages fluently including Chinese, English and French and until recently, he served as the Marketing and Business Development Manager for All China Marketing Research (ACMR), the biggest market research information provider in China.

Other bloggers include:

Caryn Voskuil - Dr. Caryn Maureen Voskuil is an associate professor of literature at the American university in Bosnia-Herzegovina. She holds a Ph.D. and an M.A in literature and an M.B.A in international management. Dr. Voskuil is also an academic and a consultant specializing in comparative cultural analysis, gender issues and literature.

Charlotte Wilson – After 25 years in Modern and Contemporary art collection development in the US and Europe, Charlotte has spent weekdays the past 3 years studying Chinese language and culture in Beijing. On weekends she heads out to absorb the energy of the Beijing art scene — and to practice Mandarin, of course.

Ran Etya – Ran is a long term Laowai in Beijing. He studied Chinese in Qinghua University and photography in Israel.

Anastasia Novobranova – After graduating from the University of Dostoevsky in 2008 in Russia, Anastasia moved to China to pursue an MA degree in Global Governance. She studied at the eastern province of Zhejiang for one year and then moved to Beijing to study Chinese. She is currently working at the international radio station of China as a news editor and tries to learn as much as possible about this country.

Casey Sapp – Casey Sapp has a finance background but now focuses on entrepreneurship in the Chinese education system. He is a certified College Counselor, working as an education consultant in Beijing. One of his aspirations is to develop innovative, low-cost education solutions.

Yonathan Scharf – Yonathan is a photographer and a food enthusiast. Upon completion of his B.A in East Asian studies several years ago, Yonathan decided to move to Beijing to immerse himself in the local culture. He has been working there for the past two years, studying Mandarin and taking shots of his favorite city spots.

Yoav Volansky – Yoav Volansky is an avid traveler, culture photographer, and a Photoshop artist. Upon completion of his B.A. studies in Economics and in East Asian Studies from Tel-Aviv University, Mr. Volansky relocated to China and has been exploring the Chinese culture while capturing the Chinese way of life through his lens.

Bei Yin – Bei Yin is a lawyer, a policy analyst, a PR strategy professional and a China consultant. She grew up in Australia and arrived in China three years ago to rediscover her roots and to explore the implications of China’s transition. She resides in Shanghai and is launching into China’s entrepreneurial scene.

Brendan Rigby – Brendan Rigby is currently working for Wokai, a peer-to-peer microfinance organization in Beijing, China. He studied his BA (Ancient history + archaeology), BTeach at the University of Sydney and has recently completed an MA in Development Studies at the University of NSW.

Theresa Gao – Theresa Gao is working in the Beijing headquarters of a major Chinese SOE; Prior to her current position, Theresa worked as a university teacher and as a free lance simultaneous interpreter.

Benjamin Stecher – Benjamin has been teaching and studying in East-Asia for much of the last five years. Born in Kenya but raised in Canada, Benjamin now lives in Shanghai where he has been working and studying since the summer of 2010.

About the Author

Lior Paritzky is the Editor in Chief and Manager of Laowaiblog, an internet platform that provides opinion and views about social phenomena in modern China. Look for Lior on Twitter: Liorpari