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  • The Future of Shanghai. Will China's Economy Collapse?

    China’s Economic Failure

    A pessimistic reply to a New York Times Op-Ed piece about the future of the Chinese economy. Too many daunting problems mean a gloomy economic future for the red dragon

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  • China. Still Attractive?

    Making the Move

    Lior Paritzky, Editor in Chief of Laowaiblog, questions whether relocating to China is still as lucrative as it once was

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  • Religion and Growth in China

    Religion and Growth

    Does lack of religion mean faster economic growth for China?

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  • Eye surgery is the most popular plastic surgery in China

    Plastic Surgery in China

    With more disposable income, the plastic surgery industry in China is booming, and it is now a $2.3 billion industry

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  • China: The Next Superpower?

    China: The Next Superpower?

    A rare, exclusive interview with Mr. Troy Parfitt, the author of a new book titled "Why China Will Never Rule the World"

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  • Real Estate in Beijing

    China Real Estate Bubble

    Is there a real estate bubble in China? Mr. Bob Davis of the Wall Street Journal thinks there is, and according to him, it is going to burst very soon

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  • China. Is it the Future?

    China is the Future

    Should we look to China as the country that is leading the world in a new direction?

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  • Ant Tribes Residents in Beijing

    Ant Tribes

    In 2010, China had more than 6 million university graduates, yet only a fraction of them actually found adequate post graduation jobs

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  • Liu Wei

    Foot Pianist Liu Wei

    Liu Wei, a 23 year old man from Beijing, lost both of his hands as a child. Watch him play the piano using nothing but his feet

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  • Culture

    Cultural Differences in China

    Should a foreigner get in between a couple's fight? A personal perspective about cultural differences in China

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