Chinese Street Food

Jian Bing

post update: Tian Men Jiang, a type of soy sauce, is used to make this Chinese Street Food

The definition of “street food”, according to Wikipedia, is “ready-to-eat food or drink sold in a street or other public place, such as a market or fair, by a hawker or vendor, often from a portable stall”. Eating in the street, in many Western countries, is not popular, and places that serve food on the street are not common. Despite of that, the Food and Agriculture Organization states that approximately 2.5 billion people eat street food every day. One might wonder, where are people eating street food? the answer: China.

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In China, it is not only common to eat in the street, but it is also known that the most delicious foods are to be found in the street. Chinese Street Food is often referred to as a snack (小吃), because the food is either ready-to-eat or quickly made on the spot.

The Chinese Street Food : Jian Bing

The price: 3-5 RMB (Less than one US dollar).

Where can you find this Chinese Street Food: Any street corner in Beijing.

Does it worth my time: ABSOLUTELY!

Chinese Street Food

Eating Chinese street snacks (food) is especially popular in Beijing, and Chinese street food can virtually be found in every corner of the city. One of the most unique snacks in Beijing is called Jian Bing. Jian Bing is a type of salty Crêpe that is made on the street. After the Crêpe is made, the vendor usually adds an egg, some chopped onions and coriander, and finally uses a brush to cover it in a special sauce called “Tian Men Jiang”. After the preparation, which takes approximately one minute, the Jian Bing is folded and handed out in a bag.

When in Beijing, don’t be wary of trying Chinese street food: it will undoubtably provide you with an unforgettable culinary experience. Watch this video that shows how Jian Bing is prepared. Enjoy!