Foot Pianist Liu Wei

Liu Wei

At aged 10, Liu Wei, a 23 year old man from Beijing, found out how fragile life can be. Liu was playing hide and seek with a friend near their home in Beijing. During the game, Liu accidently got electrocuted. The shock of electricity caused him to go into a coma, from which it was uncertain if he would ever wake up. 45 days later, Liu woke up, only to find out that he lost both of his arms.

Going through life, Liu realized that he cannot give up, yet he was having trouble dealing with the simplest of things such as eating, showering or writing. Quickly though, Liu developed resilience and strength that are hindered in his shy personality. He was unwilling to let his handicap interfere with his routine and with his desires. He then trained himself to use his feet as his hands.

Since one of Liu’s passions has always been playing the piano, he decided that he will learn to play the piano using his feet. After much practice, and to the surprise of his mother, Liu decided to make an appearance on “China Got Talent”, a famous TV show in China that provides an opportunity for those who have musical skills to present them to a live audience. Liu swept the audience and his Youtube video received more than 888,000 views.

Watch how Foot Pianist Liu Wei plays the piano using his feet: