Hua Xi – The Richest Village in China

A Village under the Sky

The village of Hua xi in Jiangsu Province is now the richest village in China.

Hua Xi sets an example of how things can go the right way if local government leaders choose wisely. Five years ago, the combined assets of the village of Hua xi were valued at 1.7 billion US dollars, and today they are valued at 6 billion US dollars. The village is a micro-cosmos of China’s success story -- every family in Hua xi has at least one house, one car and 250,000 US dollars in the bank.

Watch: An insight to life in Hua Xi and interviews with village chiefs

The villagers in Hua Xi thank their leadership for the wealth: Hua xi’s leaders recognized that China was going through an industrial transformation and that textile and steel were needed in order to supply huge demands. Hua Xi then transformed its industries to focus on these two main commodities and profited greatly from the transition. Now, Hua Xi is planning a shift to the booming tourist industry.

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