Successful Women in Business

Women in Business

Successful Women in the Chinese business scene
Since 1949, Chinese women have been a rising power in the local business scene. As China has been rising economically, many women have realized the financial opportunity and acted to gain personal wealth. Currently, 20% of the two million private companies that are in operation in China belong to women. In the article The Female Advantage I stated that: “… 11 of the 20 richest self-made women in the world are Chinese, with their average fortune surpassing US talk show host Oprah Winfrey and author JK Rowling at $US2.6 billion – compared with ninth-placed Winfrey’s $US2.3 billion.”


In this video, some of the most Successful Women in China share their stories about how they accumulated wealth and about how they took advantage of the opportunities that China has had to offer.

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