US China Relations

World Trade Center, New York City

US China Relations have been full of ups and downs as long as it has existed. Economically speaking, however, Lawrence Korb from the Center for American Progress says that the two countries rely on one another. According to Korb, if China does not lend the United States money to stimulate its economy, Chinese goods will go un-bought. While the United States may in fact always be looking for enemies, says Mr. Korb, these two superpowers need each other and will avoid unnecessary tensions at all costs.

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In an interview for RT News, Mr. Korb shares his view about U.S China Relations: “If China doesn’t lend the U.S money to deal with its deficit problem, then the U.S cannot stimulate its economy enough to buy Chinese products. So, yes, we both need each other. That is a good thing, because since we both need each other, neither of us is going to do anything that will create unnecessary tension or anything that might create an armed conflict between us.”

Watch: US China Relations, Interview with Mr. Lawrence Korb


The interviewer poses a difficult question to Mr. Korb: “Who has the upper hand here with the United States being so reliant on China to finance its debt?” – “Well”, Replies Mr. Korb, “Right now until we get our economic house in order China has more leverage than they would otherwise. But it’s not completely, because as I have been saying we have to buy from China, and if their economy doesn’t keep growing, they’re going to have problems with their country.”

Mr. Korb thinks that some politicians in the United States view China as a threat or as a potential enemy, and they see the rise of China much like the rise of the soviet union after WW2 and up until the 90′s. However, China has in fact helped the United States with North Korea, and it did not veto the resolution to apply forces in Lybia. Mr. Korb concludes that the two nations need and rely on each other and that despite bumps ahead, US China Relations are strong and will remain so in the near future.